Mother’s Day Continued

Hi everyone,

I’m back again. That wasn’t such a long break, was it? All right, let’s get back to talking about our celebration of Mom and Grandma. After packing up our picnic basket we headed over to get some ice cream. Now tell me how on Mother’s Day, of all days, it ended up just being Dad and me who got the ice cream. Isn’t this supposed to be a mom thing? Anyway . . . what flavor to you suppose I got?

Oh, you cheated! You saw those chunks of bubble gum and the blue coloring and knew right away. I guess you could just be an ice cream connisseur though. I know two of the photos look pretty much the same but the top one was just so cute I had to include it, and the bottom shows that I decided that I couldn’t wait until I finished most of the ice cream before biting into the cone. Only after I got a mouthful did Mom tell me that I probably shouldn’t eat the cone first or I wouldn’t have anything left to hold my ice cream. That’s why God made moms, to tell us the stuff that makes sense!

On to the beach . . . here I am explaining to Grandma how the boats go in and out of the marina.

I decided I wanted to use one of our cups to scoop up water to make a castle in the rocks and sand. I still haven’t learned yet that I’m not supposed to throw the cup in the water when I’m finished. I know we touched on it last month when we talked about Earth Day but I guess it just didn’t stick in my brain then.

Until next time . .  .


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