Master Painter

Hi everyone,

Mom has finally (and by finally I mean we got this easel back in December and it is now May) let me use my easel for painting. It’s not that she was stopping me because I think I’ve only asked one other time maybe, but we mostly use the white board and chalk board for preschool stuff. I think she was hesitating to bust out the paints and brushes because she wasn’t sure how they would store once opened, but I had so much fun that I think she’ll let me paint again sooner rather than later.

And who can resist a painter who cleans up after himself and looks cute while doing it? That has to be worth double points, right?

Until next time . . .

**Oh, and by the way, we are actually out on our road trip right now so I may bust in with some of our current happenings, but just to make sure you had your cute little baby fix I scheduled a few posts for when we are gone.**


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