C is for Cookies

Hi everyone,

Who wouldn’t love to read books about cookies, draw pictures of cookies, bake and decorate cookies, and of course, eat cookies! That was our theme for preschool a few weeks ago and I was all in on that one.

We read a book where Clifford gives into temptation and eats a giant cookie, and while it wasn’t the best moral lesson it sure got us craving a giant cookie! Cravings should not go unanswered, I say, so I grabbed the candy bag and started measuring for our recipe.

You can see below my different methods at rolling the cookie out. I started with a non-chalant one handed strategy, but then moved into a two handed, and finally ended with a two handed with some weight behind it.

Don’t you love those wrists that at times still look a bit chubby? How cute is that!

Ta da! The “C is for cookie” saying came from my song for the week. I was introduced to Cookie Monster singing his rendition of it on youtube and we had that thing in our heads forever, at least it seemed like forever. It still haunts me in my dreams!

Until next time . . .


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