Runnin’ in the Sun

Hi everyone,

We had a great time over on the east side of the mountains back in the middle of May. I know it’s kind of late to be posting about it but that’s what happens when you get behind, the behind ball just keeps rolling. Anyway, we headed over to visit with family and give Mom a chance to do her half marathon. She did well, although she didn’t break any records or anything. She said it was pretty hot weather for her to be running in so she was just glad she finished. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to post because she accidentally deleted them before they transferred over to the computer. Yes, even though she may not have liked a few of them it really was an accident.

After the run, we were able to meet up with Uncle Brad, Aunt Shawna, Summer, and Sam. I don’t get to see them often so it was fun to be able to hang out with them for the whole day. After teaching them “C is for cookie” so they could get it stuck in their head as well, we ended up hanging around for the Lilac Festival parade. It was huge! There were so many people lining the streets it was amazing. The favorite thing to do before the parade for the kids my age was to push other kiddos around in the stroller. Here I am with my cousin, Sam, who is about 2 months younger than me.

There were over 200 entries in this torchlight parade and they had actual floats and everything. I probably should mention that even though there were over 200 entries I really only saw just about 100 of them because I ended up falling asleep. Yes, if you can believe it, I stayed sound asleep even when the fire engines went by with their sirens blaring. I also stayed asleep as the marching bands passed and stopped right in front of me with their drum section (much to mom and dad’s displeasure). Slept right through. I even slept through them putting me in my stroller and wheeling me to the car. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see the final fire engines but I was easily consoled as I fell back asleep.

Until next time . . .


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