Mid-West Road Trip Part IV

Hi everyone,
I thought I’d finish out my posts from our road trip through the Mid-West. I think I left off at Mount Rushmore so I have a bit to catch you up on. After leaving South Dakota we headed down to the Colorado area to stay with Uncle Greg and Aunt Shireen for a few days. It was nice to meet their little dog, Ginger, and have a place to call home from a few days that didn’t have wheels on it.

Unfortunately, within a half hour of pulling up my stomach flu made a re-appearance. I got some sleep and was still yucky the next morning so we just took it easy and hung around the house. The next day we visited the Red Rocks Amphitheater which was pretty amazing! We could have enjoyed Sting in concert that night but Mom and Dad didn’t want to spend $150 a ticket. I wonder why?

I know that was a lot of pictures, but the rocks were so massive it was hard to pick which photos showcased them the best. It really was an amazing sight, and even more amazing was that it was pretty much just a big stairstepper for the locals. A bunch of them drive there to do their fitness routines. I think I would have gotten dizzy running along the steps, turning, then running back again up all those stairs, but I guess that’s why I wasn’t choosing to exercise.

It sure was fun visiting with Uncle Greg and Aunt Shireen! They live in a beautiful area and it was fun to finally see the place that they call home.

Until next time . . .


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