Hawaii – The Grand Finale

Hi everyone,

These posts have been long and drawn out, just like our last few days in Hawaii! We had planned to come home on Thursday but decided maybe we’d stay an extra day or two. We were able to get lodging in our same cabin for that night so we had to find a new place on Friday. After finding lodging on Pearl Harbor NS and then Hickam AFB, we played the waiting game with a flight out. Every time we called the line to check on flights it seemed like there would be one and then the next time we called it was canceled. That happened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Finally, after spending the 4th of July at Pearl Harbor we were able to catch a flight at 12:10am on Monday morning. That made for a reeeeeeally long day on Sunday which meant we ended up sleeping on most of the plane ride back to California.

The rest of our trip was pretty quick and uneventful. We hopped straight in the car after flying into Travis AFB and got all the way to Southern Oregon. We found a hotel with a pool and waterslide and had some fun that night but by the next morning at 4:00am I was ready to head out on the road to get home. We were able to make it by that afternoon. We are getting back into the swing of things so I’ll wrap this up and leave you with a few last pictures. The first was the view from our cabin at Bellows. The next two are Waikiki at sunset. It really was paradise!

Until next time . . .


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