The Big Island – Lava and Black Sand Beach

Hi everyone,

There is A LOT of lava on the Big Island! Just about everywhere we went we were able to see huge fields and formations of lava that had hardened long ago. We weren’t able to see any streams of hot, bubbly, molten lava oozing it’s way down the hillside, and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed by that. It was kind of a let down to hike to “the spot” only to be told that we couldn’t get any closer and the view from the car would have been just as good. But, oh well.

This black sand beach is where we saw our first turtle! Can you see him there in the bottom photo? He is almost in the center and you can just see his shell sticking out of the water. He was nibbling on the algae that grows on the rocks. I really wanted to get closer and pet him but Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me. Bummer!

Until next time . . .


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