Hawaii – Continued

Hi everyone,

Wow, how did you like that big pause in between Hawaii posts! I can’t believe how much time is sucked up looking and applying for jobs, getting ready for MOPS, and Mom getting ready to do some subbing. Boy howdy, there never seems to be enough time in the day.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled broadcast of a recap of Hawaii! We took a gorgeous drive along 4 Mile Scenic Drive (what an original name, huh?). Dad, Alex, and Sheila tried to get an avocado out of a tree and ended up trying to swing on the vines like Tarzan!

We also frequented the beach pictured below a few times. It had blue, blue, blue water that was warm and there was a sea turtle that swam right by us while we were swimming in the water.

Did you notice those black clouds in the last photo above and also in the first photo below. Every afternoon those clouds would build up against the mountains but it never really rained. Then when it was time for the sun to go down the sky would be clear in the distance allowing us to see those gorgeous Kona sunsets! Another thing we noticed on the Big Island versus Oahu was that when people wanted to leave “graffiti” they used the white coral against the black lava rocks. Of course, we had to do a little graffiti of our own!

Until next time . . . (actually in just a few days because I have a few more posts of Hawaii to share).


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