The Big Island – The West Side

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking I should be finished with posting about Hawaii in the next few posts and we can get on to bigger and better things that are happening in our household. Well, not necessarily bigger and better than Hawaii, just busier.

The waterfall in the top photo is called Rainbow Falls and it was a really beautiful spot. There were people sitting out on the rocks right by where the water cascades down but we decided not to be big risk-takers that day and played it safe. There was also a HUGE, and I mean really HUGE, banyan tree at this park. How would you like that tree for a tree house!

This was also when we went back to the other side of the island to see the lava flow. We drove all the way down as close as we could get but it just wasn’t our day for seeing lava. Some days you can see it oozing out, other days just steaming. We just saw the steam. It was a little disappointing but at least we tried.

Until next time . . .


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