Out to Sea

Hi everyone,

I seem to have a fascination with boats. It’s a good thing our friends Alex and Sheila have a boat and are willing to take me on it because I don’t think I’d get my fix of being on the water any other way, besides maybe riding a ferry boat. Mom and dad will probably never own a boat but maybe I will when I get older. Hmmmm . . . I guess I better start saving money now.

Don’t you love Dad’s windswept hair? He chopped it off after that so I guess it won’t be so windswept anymore! Anyway, we enjoyed an afternoon out on the water. Mom thought it was kind of funny because when I’m in new situations I like to take it all in before I get comfortable enough to move around. The part she was thought was funny was that for the first stretch of our boat ride I stayed planted right in her lap looking out the front window, but once Alex stopped for a few minutes I started climbing all over the boat. I didn’t even stand still when he started the boat up again!

Alex even let me drive the boat! I know it looks like I’m not watching where I’m going but I had to glance over momentarily for my photo op. While we were stopped in a bay to eat our dinner we saw a few seals, one who even chased a bird off a piece of driftwood floating in the water. It was amazing how those big creatures were able to slide themselves up onto the wood and sun themselves without falling back into the water. We didn’t get any pictures of them though because they were too far away to see in the camera and we didn’t want to get closer and disturb them.

Mom, doing her cheesy grin because she really didn’t want to have her picture taken, and me chilling out on our way back to the boat launch. It was a great first boat ride!

Until next time . . .


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