Camping at Fort Casey

Hi everyone,

Finally, finally, finally we went camping at Fort Casey! Way back in the Spring when mom and I went to the lighthouse and the fort for a field trip I had mentioned that I wanted to camp there, and I probably mentioned it every week or two throughout the summer. This time dad and I toured the lighthouse while mom was relegated to watching the dog on the grassy knoll across the way. She was able to capture a picture of us in front of and inside the lighthouse tower, though. There we are waving to her!

Our camping trips to the island also seem to mark a tradition of going to the drive-in movie theater. Mom told me that I have actually gone to the drive in for 4 years in a row, however I don’t seem to remember any of these trips except this last one. Oh, I know why. The first year I wasn’t born yet, a few months away from that date actually, the second year I stayed home with grandma, the third year I stayed at the camping trailer with grandma. Hmm, I think mom had it wrong. That would be 4 years that THEY have been going to the drive-in, not me. Needless to say, I was totally excited about it this year. Not only did I get to stay up WAY past my bedtime, but I also got to see a few movies I don’t know if I would have been able to watch if I was at home. Usually it’s a G-rated movie for me, but they were showing Despicable Me and Toy Story 3 which were both PG. I was all for us staying for the whole triple feature but by the time it was midnight and I hadn’t even shut an eyelid mom and dad decided that I didn’t need to see Iron Man 2 which meant they didn’t get to see it either. I really don’t think they would have let me watch it, but they were hoping I would have konked out sometime during Toy Story 3 so they could stay and watch.

Out of all the things at the snack bar, I picked a giant soft pretzel. Oh, and I had some of mom’s licorice too!

Until next time . . .

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