A Bit of Randomness

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I posted. It has been super busy these last few weeks with Mom subbing and Dad doing my preschool and all the other stuff at home. It sure has been an interesting transition from Dad working to now Mom getting back into the classroom some. I do enjoy dropping her off and picking her up at school though, and I even got to go in a kindergarten classroom she was subbing in just to check it out.

I was looking through my photo folders and realized I have just a few photos I wasn’t able to post before I move into October ones. Stay tuned though because I’m going to be posting some of our pumpkin patch and porch pictures before you know it. Hey, alliteration (did you notice all the p’s that started my words?)!

Helping mom make some sugar cookies for MOPS. 
Look at that concentration, I even had my tongue out for a while!

Getting WAY too big to sit on the entertainment center!

Going through a phase where I turn everything into a boat. I managed to get a hold of my bicycle seat while Dad was working on my bike, and upside down it makes a great ferry for cars!

Until next time . . . (and I promise you won’t have to wait but a few days for my pumpkin pics)

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