Perusal at the Pumpkin Patch

Hi everyone,

I had a great time picking out my pumpkin this year! We headed over after church and it was a fairly warm afternoon. You’ll notice I’m in short sleeves and sandals which is typically not pumpkin picking weather around this area. I zoomed all over the patch trying to pick the perfect pumpkin. I picked up many, changed my mind a number of times, and finally saw the perfect one. Pumpkin picking was followed by a tractor ride around the farm, always a pleasure for me!

Contemplating all my choices . . .

 One of many picks . . .
Taking a break . . .
This is the one . . . oh, maybe not . . .
 Excited to keep looking and find the perfect one . . . 
(notice my feet are not on the ground)

Ahhhh, I finally found it! And these are all variations of Mom and Dad 
asking me to give a nice smile while looking at the camera before I give up and run off. 

To be continued . . .

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