Apple Orchard Field Trip

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, our field trip to the apple orchard was in honor of the letter H (for harvest) for our week of preschool (we are now on the letter L, by the way, so this was a bit ago). The first apple orchard we went to was great because we were able to walk down the rows and rows of apple trees pulling a busted up wagon behind us. It wasn’t so great because we only picked two teeny tiny apples, although we picked and sampled many from the trees. We did get to pet a cow and see some geese when it was all said and done, though, so that was fun!

The second orchard we went to we walked away with some apples for our fritters and just to eat, but we weren’t able to venture out in the orchard. I guess you get something with one experience and something else with another and that makes it the complete package!

Until next time . . .


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