Headin’ out East

Hi everyone,

About a week before Thanksgiving we went over east of the mountains to visit my Grandpa and Nana. It was pretty exciting seeing their new place and getting a chance to hang out with them for a few days. I enjoyed sleeping on our air mattress (which was inflated using Mom’s hair dryer because we didn’t bring our electric pump), going out to the local farm community, and just playing around their house.

If you go back to my visit with Grandpa and Nana when I was about 18 months old (July 2008) you’ll see Grandpa and I in this same store and me on this same rocking tractor!

These two photos are both my handiwork! Notice the shorter vantage point.

It was also exciting because it snowed while we were there . . . and while we were coming home . . . and while we were at home! Is that neat, or what? Mom said in all her time living in our state she has never driven all the way across from one side to the other and up to the north and had snow the entire time. I’m sure glad Dad grew up driving in the snow because we had a pretty smooth trip home considering all the spun out vehicles we passed.

Helping Grandpa shovel now off his parking area and off the sidewalk.

Our drive coming up over the pass.

Until next time . . .


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