Birthday Boy!

Hi everyone,

It was so exciting turning 4 years old! I woke up that morning to mom and dad singing me happy birthday. Then I came out to a plate full of waffles with whipped cream and strawberries (as requested by me) complete with a candle. Do I look a bit sleepy in my picture? At breakfast I opened a few birthday cards, one from Great-Grandma and one from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Garry.

Mom ended up working that day since a good friend of hers asked her to sub a long time before, so that meant that Dad and I were off to spend the birthday money that I had gotten from Great-Grandma. I was kind of surprised because mom and dad usually like me to wait to spend my money, but I think they wanted me to pick something out so we could take a picture of me and send it with my thank you card to Great-Grandma as soon as possible. I ended up purchasing a grain trailer semi and a truck with a cow trailer and cows. I was super excited to show my purchases to mom! 

That evening we had a small family dinner of french toast and fruit salad (as requested by me) with just mom, dad, me, and grandma, then I opened presents afterward. I did get to stay up late on my birthday since I didn’t get to open my presents until it was already my usual bedtime. And who wants to go to bed immediately after opening birthday gifts. No one that I know of!

And what birthday is complete without cake!! Mom asked me what I wanted on my cake. At first I just said a road and some cars, but then with further prompting I realized that I really wanted a camping trailer as well. A few days before my birthday mom had me draw on my whiteboard what I saw in my mind as to what I wanted my cake to look like. It included a road, camping loop,and a trailer that looked like ours. Imagine how surprised I was when I actually saw that exact cake come out of the kitchen on the night of my birthday! I was super excited and kept asking mom how she had managed to make it. And of course, I wanted to drive the trailers and trucks around the cake right away!

Until next time . . . 


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