Winter Wonderland

 Hi everyone,

A few days ago it suddenly decided to snow! Yes, I was excited, as you can well imagine. Now you know that snow is not unheard of where we live, but it is usually something that is forecasted many days in advance and not something that falls out of the sky out of the blue. Not so on this particular day. We were standing in the kitchen when either mom or dad, I can’t remember, looked out the window and exclaimed that it was snowing and it wasn’t just teeny tiny flakes. These were big, humongous flakes and they were sticking like crazy. Within a short little while our yard and the sidewalks and road were covered with a blanket of snow.

What is a four year old to do when faced with a sudden snow storm? Go out and play, of course. This was actually perfect timing because I had just mentioned that I wanted to be able to make snow angels the next time we had snow and mom and dad were trying to figure out when we could take a trip to the mountains. Well, that was easy.

There really is a trio there if you look hard enough.
Mom is on the left, I’m in the middle, and Dad is on the right.

Even the dog wanted to get in on the snow action!
Now that doesn’t look safe . . . okay that’s better.

I’ll have to continue with our snow adventures in the next post. We had more exciting events take place, including a little gray snow cloud that was situated right over our house while there was blue sky elsewhere. but you’ll have to wait and see though because I’m too tired right now.

Until next time . . .


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