Winter Wonderland Continued

Hi everyone,

So, as I was saying before, we had this really strange weather when we got our snow clouds. You can see gray puffy clouds but also blue sky. At one point (in the first picture) it was like this little wispy cloud was hanging over our backyard and it started snowing while we were out there talking about it. Mom and dad thought it was kind of funny but I didn’t really know any different.

This time instead of making snow angels we focused on snowmen and snowballs. Dad actually used charcoal for the snowman’s eyes and mouth, a carrot for the nose, yardsticks for the arms, and mom’s scarf and hat to top it off.

More snow has come since then and mom is just itching to get back outside and run. We are used to snow and ice hanging around for a day or two, but not a week or two. Not only that but it is forecasted to snow again tonight. I’m hoping it will, Mom is hoping it won’t, and Dad is fine either way.

Until next time . . .


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