Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire

Hi everyone,

I know what you might be thinking after reading the title of the post, but you’ll have to get past your stereotypes and acknowledge that I am a male who can multi-task. I know, it is a rare thing, but it is possible.

Exhibit A: Riding a bike (one handed no less), while talking on the phone, while chewing gum!

Mom says that I will have to get the whole talking on the phone while driving thing out of my system now so that I can avoid potential accidents and tickets when I am older.

I thought I’d also give you insight into how my imagination works at times. In Exhibit B, I am driving back and forth, back and forth over the kitchen floor because I am driving the machine that lays the water down for the street sweeper to pick up the dirt from the roadways. By they way, my expression might look a little strange because mom snapped a picture of me in mid-explanation of my activity.

Exhibit B:

Until next time . . .


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