Children’s Museum

Hi everyone,

Where in the world can you ride on an airplane, fire truck, and transit bus all on the same day while driving a train, playing in the water, building a wall, and running around all crazy? Yep, you guessed correctly, the children’s museum. I’m sure my title had nothing to do with the fact that you guessed it right on the first try.

We had so much fun that we decided to buy a pass for the year so that we could go back any old time we wanted to. There is so much to do at this museum, three floors packed with all kinds of activities. As I’m sure you could have already guessed though I tend to gravitate toward the giant train table. This time though I didn’t spend all my time there. I actually took the initiative to try out other areas while wandering back to the train table on little jaunts here and there.

We even got to go out on the roof and down to the basement to play! It was fun but I definitely slept well when I got home!


Until next time . . .


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