Dad’s Birthday

Hi everyone,
It is the end of March. I am posting pictures of Dad’s birthday. Dad’s birthday was at the beginning of March. I know you can see the logical thought that it is a little late, but better late than never, right?
And the reason why I am posting these pictures so much past his birthday is a little rabbit trail I’m going to take you on right now. You see back about 9 months ago Mom had a birthday. It was what we call her big birthday (once every 5 years) where she gets a sum of money to spend as she would like. She was originally going to get a massage on the 24th of every month to spread her birthday gift out but then Dad retired and we decided to tighten the old budget reigns. You probably don’t really care to know all these little details, do you? Anyway, this is the month that Mom decided to finally spend her birthday money. And what did she decide to spend it on, you ask? Well it wasn’t a massage, but a new camera. Only she really didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a brand new camera so she scoured the local listings to find a gently used camera of the type she was looking for. And I am happy to say that she found it! Now comes learning how to use it, including downloading the pictures that she took way back on March 5th. I am also happy to say that she is finally getting some time to play around with her camera which includes the ability of me sharing these photos with you.
So . . .  back to Dad’s birthday. It was a pretty low key event. We stuck around the house the whole weekend, used a gift card to rent some movies, and had yummy food. I helped him unwrap his gifts because I was so excited to show him what we got him! The bad thing is that we didn’t even get a picture of him with his cake or blowing out his candles. I know, bummer, huh.
Birthday cake minus the candles!
Until next time . . . (And I actually have some blog fodder so my postings will be closer together for a while! Yah for that!)

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