April Fool’s Dinner

AHi everyone,

April Fool’s dinner was another success! Last year it was Dad who got pranked with a Chicken Not-Pie. This year it was me. Mom brought out a TV Dinner, the first I’ve ever seen, and a plate of cupcakes for dessert.

I decided that the only thing from the TV dinner I wanted was the chocolate cake. Mom said I had to have something else, a piece of chicken, mashed potatoes, or peas and carrots. I chose peas and carrots. I was a little surprised at how Mom served the peas and carrots. She just lifted it as one big mass right out of the TV dinner tray. However, it only took me biting into it to realize that it was candy on top of a cupcake! She moved that off my plate and told me I would need to wait until a little later to eat what was really my dessert and not my dinner. I then had to try the cupcakes which were actually meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting. I didn’t like those quite so much.

It’s a little blurry.

Even after knowing that the peas and carrots were really a cupcake I still vehemently refused to have one of the pieces of fried chicken. “I don’t like chicken. You guys can have the fried chicken, because I don’t chicken. I don’t like chicken.” It was only after Mom served herself a piece of chicken and cut it down the center and it fell open to reveal yet another cupcake that I finally agreed I would be okay with a piece of fried chicken.

Until next time . . .


One thought on “April Fool’s Dinner

  1. This is so cute. The look on his face with the peas & carrots cupcake is too funny. And all the detail on the food…must have taken awhile to put together! (Sheila)

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