Tri-State Road Trip – Part 1

Hi everyone,
When we left home on Thursday afternoon it was a little later than we had planned. Isn’t that usually how it goes when you are packing up for a trip? We never seem to get out of the house when we want to, but I can tell you after multiple pack ups and tear downs we are getting faster. After dropping off the puppy dog at Grandma’s house we headed east of the mountains.
You can imagine that Mom and Dad were a little surprised to see the white stuff coming down while heading over the pass. Thankfully once we got to the other side it was blue skies for us.
We enjoyed a little ice cream treat courtesy of our free kids treat coupons and hopped back on the road. While Mom and Dad were setting up the tent at the campsite I familiarized myself with the local area.
We took in a bit of the surrounding country the next morning, Dad and me on the trail-a-bike and Mom going for a run. We mostly stuck to the campground area and some of the service roads but we ventured out onto a somewhat deserted trail to a very obscure little lake. We had big plans the next day to complete three of the six trails biking/running and then bike the other three on all our bikes. Imagine our surprise when we came out the next morning to do another bike ride/run only to find all three tires on our trail-a-bike completely flat. Yep. That obscure little trail we went on had miniature thorns everywhere and there were at least three sticking in each of the tires. Thank goodness Mom’s bike and my little bike were okay because we were able to ride those down to the playground while Mom went and did her 6 miles by herself. I’m not sure that she enjoyed worrying about rattlesnakes sunning themselves on her running path but she seemed to manage okay.
Stay tuned for more posts about our Tri-State Road Trip!
Until next time . . .

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