Tri-State Road Trip – Part 3

Hi everyone,

Do you ever notice that when you get back from vacation you sometimes need another vacation? I can’t believe how crammed these past few days have been since we got back home. I haven’t even downloaded the Disneyland pictures it has been that busy. I know, for shame, for shame.

So, we continue with our road trip, venturing now down to the southern part of the state right on the Columbia River. It was a beautiful state park but there wasn’t a whole lot to do in the area that we were able to explore. We didn’t want to increase our gas cost by having to drive far distances from our camp spot so we pretty much just hunkered down, did some running and biking from the site, visited the river and the dam just upstream, and got read a lot of books.

Beautiful sunrise from our site

John Day Dam and Locks (not open for visitors anymore since 9/11)

Wind mills all over the hillsides (and let me tell you it definitely got windy through there 
so they should be generating A LOT of energy)

One version of a replica of Stonehenge created to honor World War I veterans

Our road trip travels continued . . . until next time . . .


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