Tri-State Road Trip – Part 4

Hi everyone,

On our next leg of the journey we decided to drive alongside the south side of the Columbia so we could stop at a few of the waterfalls that line that route. Mom and Dad have been to all the waterfalls along there but I had yet to stop at one. This was remedied by our stop at Multnomah Falls (and we drove by a few others but didn’t have much time to stop for pictures).

I hiked up to the bridge (and would have really liked to have hiked to the top if I could have) and then had fun running down the trail, path, and ramp leading to the bottom.

Multnomah Falls in all its glory! This isn’t even all of it . . . and look how tiny dad and I are! 
Can you see us? That’s us up on the bridge waving to mom.
Can you see us now? A view of us a little closer up 
with all that spray behind us. Brrrrrr, was it cold!
Can you see us now? This one gets a bit of the lower falls in as well 
but still can’t capture it all.

If you were trying to find the picture that didn’t fit the pattern, would this be it? 
Here we are grilling brats at one of the few campfires we had on this trip.

Travels continued  . . . until next time . . .


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