Disneyland – Toon Town

Hi everyone,

On our first day at Disneyland we were able to check off two areas, Tomorrowland and Toon Town! We thought we were doing pretty good since we were ahead of the plan of one a day. That and the sun finally broke through the clouds in the afternoon, just in time for Mickey’s house, Chip and Dale’s tree house, Donald’s boat, and Goofy’s roller coaster. I loved all the detail that went into Mickey’s house. I didn’t really care for the smell of the general area of Toon Town though. Either they were having issues with their bathroom that day or they need to plant some new foliage!

Driving a Toon Town car!

Standing at Mickey’s door!

Sitting in one of his chairs. Just give me a toy to play with and I’ll be right at home.

Meeting Mickey for the very first time!

Clowning around with the famous Goofy!

Main Street of Disneyland . . . notice I have my Mickey ears on!

Waiting for the train. I’m sure you knew that we couldn’t not go on the railroad the first day we were there!

Until next time . . . when we have breakfast with the characters!

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