Disneyland – Breakfast with the Characters

Hi everyone,

The first time mom and dad went to Disneyland as a couple they had breakfast at the Plaza Inn with Minnie and her friends. They thought it might be a good idea to do this again so I would get a chance to see a lot of different characters without having to walk all over the park. I think I had more fun seeing the characters than eating breakfast and you know that says a lot if you know me because you know I L-O-V-E breakfast! There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of pictures here so be prepared.

Geppetto and Pinocchio
Did you know Goofy has a son? His name is Max.

Chip or Dale . . . I think it was Dale if I remember correctly.

Miss Minnie Herself

Rafiki – I got to tell him that my first Disneyland purchase was a baby Simba doll.

Captain Hook – I knew he was a mean character so I was a little unsure of him at first.

Winnie . . .
Tigger . . .

And finally, the Fairy Godmother!

Until next time . . . when we visit Fantasyland!


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