Disneyland – Fun in the Sun

Hi everyone,

There were a few times that we headed back to the trailer in the middle of the day, but really after a few days of trying this mom and dad figured it wasn’t going to work. You see, they had thought that we could have lunch back at the trailer and then I would be able to take a nap before heading back over to Disneyland. Not so much.

It was so hot in the trailer that I just laid there for two hours squirming around on my sleeping bag and thinking about all the fun I was having. After a few days of this (two to see if it was a fluke) they decided there was no point in coming back to the trailer and I didn’t have to take any naps while I was there. You know that meant that when my head hit the pillow in the evening I was out in like 30 seconds, right.

So here are just a few random pictures of those few days . . .

A sunny afternoon and a rarity – all three of us in the photo 
with no one else standing on the edges waiting like vultures to snap pictures!
Entertaining myself while waiting for the shuttle bus, which was a regular event by the way. 
(Probably the most frustrating part of our trip was the shuttle bus. The last two days we 
biked over and are kicking ourselves as to why we didn’t do that for the other 4 days.)
Mom thought this photo was pretty funny since it looks like the balloon has replaced my head!
Mom LOVES this picture!

Swimming in the pool at the resort!
 This one is for Grandpa and Nana!

My friend Grace from back home, whose mom is my mom’s running partner, happened to be down there at the same time I was. We met up and went on some rides together!

Until next time . . . we’ll hop over to California Adventure!


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