Disneyland – California Adventure – Part 1

Hi everyone,

I forgot about a few photos that I had left from Frontierland. I should probably post them before I take you into California Adventure.

Mom and Dad got me into trouble. I guess it wasn’t really their fault though. I wasn’t supposed to be sitting on this wagon but some other people moved the barrels that were supposed to be blocking it so we didn’t know any different. That is until a worker feeding the cow told us I wasn’t supposed to be on there. Oops.

I waited and waited and waited for Woody to come out for his appearance. Unfortunately, Woody and Jessie wouldn’t really stand still. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get a still picture with them. I guess if mom was better at charades I could have had a picture walking with them without the big crowd behind. She should probably brush up on her charade skills so she can know what Woody is saying next time he tries to tell her something.

So we saved the last two days of our trip for California Adventure. I thought it might only take a day to see everything, but there was actually more to it than I thought. The first ride we went on was Soarin’ Over California. I was pretty excited to be up in the air watching the big screen like we really were flying. After that we went on the Grizzly River Ride. That was a blast, and it was a good thing that it was already warm because we got soaked.

Next we headed over to the kid adventure area where they had a zip line, rope netting to climb up, logs to go through, and a rock wall. I didn’t get to go on the rock wall because I didn’t have closed toe shoes but that was the only thing I didn’t do there.


First time doing the zip line . . . I was a bit timid and only went halfway up the hill.

The next time I rocked it and went all the way up the hill!
Notice the glasses askew! When you hit the tires you get a bit of a jolt!

Until next time . . .where I continue California Adventure.


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