Disneyland – California Adventure – Part 2

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe how much there was to do in Disneyland! I’m sure you are getting a little tired of seeing pictures but I think I’m down to the last few posts.

The giant ferris wheel! Mom, Dad, and I went on it together and we were in a stationary car. Mom freaked out! I guess she really doesn’t like heights. Then Dad and I went on it by ourselves in a swinging cart!
The view from the top. I’m surprised the camera isn’t shaking \
since Mom was the one taking the picture!

Finally  . . . a picture with Woody and Jessie!
Mom won these for me at the Midway arcade while Dad and I were on the swinging ferris wheel car!
Me playing the Midway game with all the Toy Story characters! 
Do you like my 3D glasses?

So excited to see these guys! Wish the section for them was already finished.

First time at bumper cars!

First time on giant swings! You can tell I had a lot of first times!

Watching a show over in Hollywood Backlot!

Until next time . . . who knows I may be able t finish up in my next post. Although you may get an onslaught of pictures if I do that!


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