Disneyland – A Final Farewell

Hi everyone,

I’m sure you’ll be excited to know that this is going to be my last post about our trip to Disneyland. I know I’m excited! Who would have thought we could have taken so many pictures and have done so many things in the 6 days that we were there.

If you can believe it our non-risk taker actually went on the Tower of Terror. In case you think I’m referring to me let me set you straight. I’m actually referring to mom. Yes, I went on the ride as well, but mom is the one who is the non-risk taker who I managed to convince to go. And no, she did not like it one bit and will NEVER go on it again!

 Family picture before the ride – a bit nervous but all smiles!
Far away of the action shot . . . we are in the top right corner in our matching Mickey shirts. 
I’m sure you can see that mom and dad are looking at each other over my head.
Close up of the action shot . . . this is so classic of me. I am all serious when 
I don’t really know how to feel about a situation. No expression whatsoever. 
You can see by the others on the ride that this was not the case for them.
And back to all smiles after the ride! I just have to say that this is the ONLY ride in Disneyland or California Adventure that I did not get off and immediately say I wanted to ride again.

Last photo op with Mickey . . . he really liked my shirt!

On the last night we actually stayed for the firework show and we are so glad we did. We were 
able to see the fireworks every night from the RV resort but all we heard was the booming of 
the explosions. To actually get to sit on Main Street and watch the show and hear the music and 
voices that went along with it were great! And we had prime seats!

And the sweetest for last . . . this was our very last line while waiting for a ride before we 
headed to stake out our seats for the firework show. We didn’t even get to go on it 
because the ride broke down while we were in line. Bummer.

Until next time . . .


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