Race Season Begins

Hi everyone,

It’s running season again. At least for me that is. The runs and races I usually participate in happen during the summer and fall months. I was super excited to be able to participate in my first organized race since this past November! I almost didn’t get to run because mom went and ran her 12 miles before I even woke up so I knew she wasn’t going to be doing the 5K or 10K that they offer for adults. Mom must have been in the running mood though because they ended up deciding to drive over to the race just so I could participate in the kid’s dash. How nice is that?

Mom gave me a pep talk before the race but I still decided to have her start out with me so that I could have some company while running.
 Getting close to the finish line. Look at that form.
Look at that concentration.

Waiting in line to have my tag taken and my time marked. 
I was so happy to get a ribbon at the finish line!

Dad occupying his time. Looks like he managed to do a pretty good job of that. He probably would have tried to get the swing to go over and around the top if he could have.

Until next time . . .


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