Fort Worden State Park – Part 1

Hi everyone,

We live in such a beautiful area! We went camping recently over on the peninsula and were treated to two beautiful sunny days and two not so sunny days. When the weather was nice we got out and explored. There was so much to do whether it was the beach, the woods, the fort, and heading in to town. I love camping! In fact I presented a deal to mom and dad on our way over on the ferry. I offered to buy the truck and trailer from them for $1.00 when I get old enough to drive. What do you think? Will they take me up on it?

Did you see Dad trying to show me how to skip rocks on the water? Did you get a load of the rock that I tried to skip across the water in that last shot? We had a great time biking down to the lighthouse and walking down on the beach. Little girl even threw a few rocks in the water too.

We saw a lot of deer throughout the park. They were so tame it was amazing. I think if I was a deer I would choose to live in a state park too!

Until next time, when I take you on a tour of the fort . . .


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