What a Day!

Hi everyone,

My two pictures should speak volumes as to what’s been happening over in my neck of the woods recently.

If this looks familiar it might be because it looks like I’m trying to do a repeat act of my mom splitting her chin open when she was about 5 years old. I think her scar looks pretty cool (and I can definitely see it all the time from my vantage point). I was trying to get a look alike one. No, I didn’t cut my chin open and need stitches like she did. I just scraped off the top layer of skin and wanted to make sure my band-aid didn’t come off at bedtime.

This picture should really need no explanation. It hangs on my bedroom door. It is my attempt to ask mom and dad for help with how I am talking to others. It was all my idea. Well, really, it came about because Dad asked if I could think of some sort of sign to help me know when I was speaking rudely, disrespectfully, etc. I literally thought a sign might help. Mom still isn’t convinced but we did work on it together. It really should say mom and dad, but today my issues were mostly with mom hence the sign.

Until next time . . .


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