Camping in Bend – Part 2

Hi everyone,

I enjoyed seeing Cars 2. Mom and dad thought it was a bit more violent than they were expecting. Lots of shooting with the whole international spy plot going on. I still had a great time though and got to pick out my own candy and even have some popcorn too!

The next day we moved to the other campsite which was about 6 miles north of Bend (the other was about 25 miles south) and we met dad’s cousin for the first time. Well, obviously dad already knew him but it was both mom’s and my first time meeting him. I thought both he and his wife were pretty neat but I think I was most excited about the fact that they had 3 cats! A dog too, but I was fascinated by the cats. So was our dog.


We started out our day with them by going for a bike ride along the river and through town. They showed us where they worked and then we biked over and had lunch at a little restaurant. We headed back to the campsite to drop off the bikes, check on the dog, and grab our shorts and sunscreen. Then it was down the river in a canoe. I loved it! Anything that has to do with boats and I’m there.

For the next few days we were on our own so we just relaxed, hung around the campsite, drove into Bend for ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s (more than one time, I might add), and checked out the local scenery. Mom and I hiked about a half mile out and then back to see a small set of falls. Mom and dad took a short trail to see a really old ponderosa pine tree and a meandering river. And . . . we finally saw our first wildlife of the trip besides squirrels and chipmunks around the campsite, a doe and her little fawn.


On our trip home we stopped in Portland to pick up some doughnuts that we had heard rave reviews of. The line was long and the doughnut selection was huge but we weren’t super impressed. While they might have had one of the biggest varieties of toppings their doughnuts were all the same, either cake, raised, or fritter variety. And their toppings were mostly  just whatever they could come up with, like different kinds of cereal, kool-aid, and many other strange combinations. Probably won’t be stopping there again, but I guess it is always nice to experience something once so that you know the next time.

Until next time . . .


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