Summer Fun

Hi everyone,

We have been enjoying the few nice days that the summer season seems to be bringing us. We try to get out as often as possible even when it is rainy, which seems to be often, that way we don’t go stir crazy.  Our garden and flowers are flourishing with all this rain. Of course, we made sure to plant stuff that doesn’t mind getting wet. No tomatoes this year. Mom did plant a few gerbera daisies that she was hoping would make it but the last few are barely hanging on. Wouldn’t you know it, they like hot, sunny weather and they just aren’t getting that.

A few of mom’s roses . . . 
you’ll have to excuse the red one, it was on it’s way out.

Calla lilies, calla lilies, and more calla lilies! 
They love where they are planted on each side of our stairs!

As you can see, I am starting to get a bit too big for some of my toys. I can barely fit my long legs into my jeep but you can see that doesn’t stop me. Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to drive it so I might as well get in all the fun I can. Dad says I could probably just move into driving the little Honda you see in the last picture but I think it’s still a bit early for that. Come on dad, you at least waited until you were 13 before driving a car to middle school.

Until next time . . .


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