Mountain Biking

Hi everyone,

We went mountain biking this past weekend. I thought it was a great adventure but I’m not sure that mom and dad thought so. Or maybe they did think it was a great adventure, just not a fun one. Either way . . .

We had a pretty smooth start. We rode down the highway to the start of the trail and it was a beautiful sunny morning. As soon as we got onto the trail we began a short climb. I say short because even though it was a bit long it wasn’t anything like what we were going to encounter shortly.

Two miles of straight up with loose gravel in spots made for lots of breaks and some pushing of the bikes instead of riding them. Mom and dad kept switching bikes when pushing because mom’s bike had the heavier load with the trailer and little girl. Dad’s bike just had my trail-a-bike because I hopped off and hiked myself. It was definitely work, that’s for sure!

Once we got to the top we raced down on the logging road to the single-track trail. Yikes, was this a technical trail. It was so skinny that the bike trailer could barely fit width-wise. Not only that but we were constantly having to hop over rocks, roots, and logs. Mom definitely was the worse for wear in this section. 30 pounds of trailer and little girl pushing her down the trail made for her bike getting out from under her a few times. Chain grease, bruises, scrapes . . . all in a day of mountain biking, right?

Not only did we have technical single-track trail to contend with, but a pretty long portion of it was right along a steep cliffside. I know this picture does not do it justice but it was a long way down.

And finally, we reached the crowning glory, the small lake! The trail back to the truck was a short way back and the moss covered trail and road was a fun section. Maybe one day we will go back and hike this trail (since the lower section is called an easy family hike) but I don’t know that we will be going mountain biking on this trail again.

Until next time . . .

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