Larrabee State Park

Hi everyone,

One of our last hurrah’s of the summer! We again went camping somewhat close to home since we had to bring little girl back for her parent visits in the middle of the trip. We went on a few runs, a few hikes, came back into town, went down to the beach. Oh, and we had campfires every night and roasted marshmallows and made smores. It was a great end to summer, even though summer isn’t quite over yet. Maybe we’ll have at least one more trip in store for us before the sunny weather disappears.

Throwing rocks . . . I mean skipping rocks, down at the beach was great! I managed to chuck quite a few into the water before it was time to go. (You can kind of see little girl right behind me in the bottom photo where she is throwing rocks as well. She always wants to copy me.)

The boys climbing around on the rocks, doing a little exploring.
 Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
And a little entertainment at the campsite! Who says you can’t have fun in the dirt?
Until next time . . .

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