Gardening Guru’s

Hi everyone,

Summer is winding to a close and so is our garden. Our pumpkins are going like gangbusters, taking over the squash which I never thought could happen (you know how out of control squash and zucchini are), but just about everything else is dwindling down to the last items for harvesting.

We did get a few raspberry starts from a friend so we are waiting to see if they are going to like our soil as much as our other fruits and veggies and dig right in to make themselves at home.

Doesn’t our dog recuperate nicely? In case you missed it, our dog had surgery on her tail. Yes, I know her tail has always been short like that, and no that wasn’t it. Do you see the bare patch and the sutures? She had a tumor removed off her tail. It kept breaking open and bleeding so Mom and Dad thought it should get taken off. Her surgery went well and now she is just taking it easy waiting to get the stitches out.

And in case you forgot, last week was our first week of school and everything went well. I love preschool! My favorite part is still recess but there are a lot of other fun things about it too. I’m excited for my first full week (you know last week was a short week with the holiday and all)!

And just so you don’t think that all my time is spent learning, check out what I built the other day. A road made with cars! Who would have thought something like that was possible?


Until next time . . .


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