Weekend Away

Hi everyone,

Mom and Dad spent last weekend tucked away on an island all by themselves. Well, I guess they weren’t really on an island all by themselves, but they were there without me which says a whole lot. It was a late celebration of their anniversary as well as mom’s date to run her marathon. It sounds like they had a pretty good time, minus the super sore knees and terrible finish time. I spent the weekend with Grandma and had a lot of fun. 

Saying good-bye!

 Some of the views from the ferry ride.

Once they landed, they had a bit of time to walk around the city and grab a bite of lunch before checking into the B&B and going out for a carb load dinner.

Not the B&B!

And the after dinner view . . .

I’ll tell you about Mom’s marathon in my next post. I’m sure she would rather I didn’t, but too bad for her because I am going to anyway.

Until next time . . .


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