Afternoon Tea

Hi everyone,

Are your tea cups and pinkie fingers ready? Right after finishing the marathon Mom and Dad headed over to the Empress Hotel for afternoon tea. Well, Mom did change out of her running clothes and shower first, so I guess it wasn’t right over. One of those great self-portraits! Does Mom look a little tired to you? I think at this point she was ready for a nap but this was the last tea time of the day so it was this or nothing.

Dad snapped a few pictures of the inside of the hotel. It used to be the lobby but now it is the tea room. While it looks pretty snazzy I’m glad that they did this on a trip that I didn’t accompany them on. The food looks a bit out of my element.

Dining with the queen and duke!

What a magnificent view!

The last great thing about their trip is that they stayed in the honeymoon suite of their bed and breakfast. Jacuzzi tub, king size bed with goose down comforter, sitting room, television, free wi-fi access . . . all the essentials to enjoy a weekend a way.

Until next time . . .


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