Pumpkin Patch

Hi everyone,

Lo and behold, the annual pumpkin patch picture.Mom said I should show you all of my pumpkin patch pictures over the years so I’ll do that in a couple of days, but for now this will have to suffice.

Pumpkin patch pictures provided presently (can you tell Mom’s class is studying alliteration and she’s been teaching me too) . . . and warning, it’s going to be picut

Checking out the sunflowers!

Looking longingly at the tractor train. Not an option this year. Ho hum.

Just a cute pic!

I’ve found it! The perfect one!

Carefully placing it in the wheelbarrow.

Trying to drive it myself not realizing that it is much too heavy and off balance. Uh oh, pumpkins will soon be rolling around on the ground.
Choosing another pumpkin since mine got a bit bumped.

Dad carrying mom’s huge pumpkin (for the second time).

Gotta go for the wheelbarrow ride when I get the chance!
Until next time . . .

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