Guts and Glory

Hi everyone,

Halloween cannot be complete without a little pumpkin carving. This was the first year that I actually stuck my hand inside my pumpkin and pulled out all his guts! I’ll admit that at first I was a bit timid but once I got used to it I really went to town with pulling out big handfuls and chunks.

The architectural engineers!
 A bit dainty at first!

I also designed my pumpkin’s face this year all by myself. I drew out the design that I wanted and then Dad walked me through the exact shapes while he drew them on my pumpkin. Then we worked together to do the actual carving. I was pretty impressed with how much I was able to do. And I was the only one who got his pumpkin carved in time for Halloween! Mom and Dad ended up carving theirs a few days after. At least they managed to get it carved though, right. I guess we can cut them some slack.


And for the big reveal . . . drumroll please!

And the next one is Mom’s favorite! I really loved her pumpkin and wanted it. I know, it wasn’t enough that I literally took her big pumpkin to carve as my own, but then I wanted to take her carved pumpkin too. He just looked so cute and forlorn. This was a spontaneous hug and Mom loves how it looks like the pumpkin is looking up at me like, “Ah, help. Get this kid away from me.”

Until next time . . .


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