Big Birthday Bash

Hi everyone,

I celebrated my big birthday this year! I only get to celebrate the big one every 5 years so this was pretty darn big! Instead of having a party with friends I decided to go stay at Great Wolf Lodge with Mom, Dad, and Grandma. How amazing is it to have a huge waterpark in your hotel?

Before I get to that though I should probably show you how my day started. I woke up right on time (I’m a little human alarm clock and wake up at the same time every day) and wandered into Mom and Dad’s room as usual. As soon as I opened the door I was blinded by the flash of the camera.

I guess Mom was trying to capture my reaction when I saw my cake but I was so surprised (and blinded) that I didn’t even see my cake sitting on their dresser. She had to turn my head that direction and hold it there for a second. Surprised, for sure!

 Mom calls these my “sexy jammies” because they always come unbuttoned when I wear them and it looks like I am showing my chest off. Silly mom! Who wants to keep buttoning their pajama shirt when they can just let it hang open.

And little candle blowing out time and then on to a few little presents. I was surprised to see any presents since Mom and Dad had told me that my present was my trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Dad got me a game of Mexican train dominoes and Mom got me a pack of 5 city action vehicles.


Next up, my birthday breakfast. A repeat of last year’s waffles with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Yum!

I’ll tell you more about the rest of my weekend in my next post. Until next time . . .


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