30 Foot Christmas Tree

Hi everyone,

Since this was the year of my big birthday I got to decide whether I wanted to have a party with friends or whether I wanted to go someplace special. At first I decided I wanted a party with friends but then I heard an advertisement and it completely changed my mind. I am such a sucker for advertisements. I definitely know who they cater to on the radio!

I heard a commercial for a 30 foot Christmas tree and just had to go see it for my birthday. Little did I know it was at a mall, but hey, it was still cool. Not only that but I went on a train ride around the mall as well. Birthday adventure #1, done and over!

That was a REALLY tall tree!
 Me racing, and racing, and racing around the tree! (I know I don’t look like I am racing, but I am.)

Family Pics all around! (Don’t tell me I told you, but you may see the one of us on our Christmas card this year if we ever decide to send any.)

Complete with a holiday train ride around the mall!

I guess I’ll have to tell you about my second adventure in another post. Until next time . . .


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