Great Wolf Lodge

Hi everyone,

Great Wolf Lodge was so much fun! We pulled up about two minutes before Santa was supposed to walk through the door. We couldn’t have timed it better! Mom got us checked in while Grandma and I waited for Santa. I guess he was supposed to have his elves fly in but there was cloud cover, so Santa ended up driving in on a holiday Harley. Right after Santa appeared we dropped our stuff at our room, changed into our suits, and headed for the water park. So much fun!!

I didn’t get pictures of any of the slides or pools or anything. I didn’t want to take my camera into the water park and we were just having too much fun going on the slides to want to run back to our room after a quick picture. You will just have to get onto the website I guess if you want to see the slides.

We stopped playing at about 6:00pm and got ready for dinner. We (mom and I) ended up wearing our pj’s to dinner so we were ready for the story at 8:00pm. You might think, 2 hours, you could have gone back and changed. Nope. We barely even made it in time for the story.

Story time was great because they had snow coming down. It might have been from big machines on the ceiling but it was still pretty cool. All the kids, including me, were pretty fascinated.

This is my “ravenous wolf look”. Don’t mind my crazy eyes, I really was trying to be scary.


My big birthday was my best yet!

(A couple of quotes mom really liked: On the phone with Grandma, my response when she asked how I liked being 5: “I haven’t had much practice yet.” And the next morning when I woke up I asked, “Am I still 5?”)

Until next time . . .

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