Polar Express Train Ride

Hi everyone,

I actually got to open one of my Christmas presents early! Can you believe it? I had a hard time believing it too.

After a long ride down to Portland to check in at our hotel we headed over to the Mount Hood Railroad. I watched the Polar Express movie in the car on the way over. We got to our destination right as the movie was ending (perfect timing), and Mom handed me a present and told me I could open one present early. It was a ticket like on the Polar Express but I didn’t really get that. I knew we were at the train station so I was more focused on that than the ticket in the box.
We rode in a train car named Katharine. I was pretty excited about that because I thought it was a pretty name.

One of the chefs on our train car who was also greeting us at the door.

Waving goodbye to Dad as we are getting settled into our seats.

Our chefs serving hot chocolate and cookies.
The hobo who visited our train car a few times.

The reading of the story while the train was gliding along.

Telling Santa that I want a real little Polar Express train for Christmas.

Until next time . . .

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