Christmas Morning

Hi everyone,

Wow, this post is way overdue!! I feel a little weird posting about Christmas when it is already one week into January, but if I don’t post then I will feel bad that you missed out on hearing about it. We had a great Christmas Eve. Mom made a nice prime rib dinner (of which I ate very little, mind you) and we did our Christmas Eve advent devotional and sang some carols. It was very relaxing and nice. I opened up my pair of Christmas jammies and got ready for bed.

On Christmas morning we ate our homemade cinnamon rolls while reading the devotional about Jesus’ birth. I was excited to start opening gifts. I was the honorary Santa this year so I got to pass gifts out to everyone.

I passed all the presents out and picked Dad to go first. I had barely been able to contain myself from blurting out what I got him for the few days before Christmas and I wanted him to open his gift from me really, really, really, badly. You can see just a glimpse of my excitement in the picture below. I decided to get him fishing poles! What’s funny is that when I told mom that I wanted to get him a fishing pole for Christmas she told me that maybe I should think about something else because Dad doesn’t really fish much. I told her that I would teach him and it would be okay. Mom was still unconvinced, but then later that night when she was talking to Dad and putting out feelers for a gift he told her that he had been over looking at fishing poles while we were getting some other things at the store. She was pretty surprised but agreed to let me get a fishing pole for him and for me so we could fish together!

I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find my last present. Mom and Dad left clues all around that I had to read and then find the next clue. It took me from the living room to my bedroom to the basement to the carport to the back yard and finally back into the house. When I walked into the dining room I saw my very own Polar Express train set up under the tree. I could barely wait to kick my hiking boots off in order to go play with it!

Too bad battery operated trains take so many batteries and don’t last as long. We are waiting for our rechargeable batteries to arrive in the mail as I type this post. Maybe I should add the word impatiently to waiting.

Until next time . . .


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