Gingerbread Snowmen

Hi everyone,

Who doesn’t associate gingerbread cookies with Christmas baking? Amazingly this is Mom’s first batch of homemade gingerbread, and she should feel privileged that I wanted to bake them with her.

Since this is our first batch of gingerbread men it was a bit of time before we realized that we did not have any gingerbread men cutters. We can improvise though, right. Gingerbread snowmen are what ended up coming out of our oven.

I had a lot of fun rolling out the dough and even more fun cutting the snowmen shapes and moving them onto the pan. My favorite though is probably the little bit of gingerbread that was left over. My creative mind took over and decided it was going to be a mud puddle for my snowmen to jump into. 

And there goes the snowman jumping up, up, up into the air and coming back down, down, down into the puddle.
Until next time . . .

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