Best Night’s Sleep Ever?

Hi everyone,

Guess what Mom and Dad bought for themselves? Yep, a new sleep number bed. They’ve been wanting to get a new bed for a while but wanted to do a bit more research before plunking down a good chunk of change on it. Right at the end of the year they decided to go for it.

It was torture waiting the two weeks for it to be delivered by the UPS man, but finally the bed arrived. Who knew it would come in four little (or not so little) boxes? It was pretty easy to unpack and put together but oh my, that new furniture smell can be overpowering to say the least.

I’m still waiting for them to include me in the sleep number purchase. They do make twin mattresses, you know. Until then I’ll just have to find my sleep number while laying on their bed.

Until next time . . .


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